Website, Streams and Marathon


Hello and welcome to the new and improved newLEGACYinc website. The website has been redesigned and will probably be seeing some more use in the future as we are making some changes on our streaming platform that should benefit you guys. For the past two years we have been streaming exclusively to, however this is changing as we are now going to be streaming simultaneously to, and, and all these streams can be located on the streams page on the website here so you don’t need to remember the link to all these streams (while we’ll probably be linking to our streams page on the website, it’s a good idea to follow the channel on the different platforms in case the site goes down. Twitch/Hitbox/Beam). There are several reasons for this change but the main reasons is so that people have more choices on where to watch the stream from, so if you’re having trouble on one site you have the ability to try watching it from another platform and see if that works better for you.


On another note to go alongside this, our annual Fighting Back 24-Hour Marathon Stream will be happening on August 19th.If you’re unfamiliar with Fighting Back, it is a wrestling event created by independent wrestlers, promoters, volunteers and fans in order to raise awareness and funds for the Canadian Cancer Society, and to celebrate the memory of Francois “Phrank” Morin. More information about the event and the organisation can be found on their website found here. Last year we were able to raise $10,375.12 for them thanks to you lovely peoples. As usual the cast will be manned by the crew here at nL and if we’re as lucky as we were last year we’ll have some guests (THE BIG DOG LOVES IT!).  We’ll probably release more details on the event as we get closer to it, but hopefully you guys will be able to join us.


To end this I’d just like to thank all of you guys for sticking with us for so long on behalf of the rest of the nL crew and hope you continue to hang out with us on streams and watching our future content!